Children under the age of 1 : Free entrance
Children from 1-3 years old : 6,50 €
Children over 4 years old : 10,50 €
Accompanying person : Free entrance

Special group packages

All these packages are valid on weekdays only by reservation (Group of 10 children minimum)

Classic formula : Access to playground during 2 hours

2 hours playground formula + snack or breakfast

  • 5€/children + Breakfast formula 5€ including 2 pastries + a glass of orange juice
  • 5€/children + Snack formula 5€ including a pancake, a slice of marbled cake and unlimited water and syrup

2 hours playground formula + lunch (2 hours + 1 hour lunch)

  • 5€/children + lunch 6€ (a choice : nuggets french fries or spaghetti bolognese) + 1€ water and syrup
  • The accompanying guests have the possibility to order our menu dishes.

Note for accompanying persons

  • Access to the playground is free for accompanying persons.
  • No booking will be effective without return of the signed for agreement voucher
  • Picnic is forbidden on our premises
  • For the sake of supply meals and snacks are to be ordered at the reservation
  • For hygiene and safety reasons, please make sure all children wear socks, avoid nylon pants and/or nylon shorts.